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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Portland chapter.

A friend of mine recently mentioned that, when he moved to Portland and started getting into outdoor recreation year-round, someone told him: “here, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” As a lifelong Portland resident myself, I laughed and nodded. To me, that statement is both funny and totally true.

After my initial amusement, though, it really got me thinking. Having a good attitude about Portland’s weather has made a pretty big difference in my life (and most of my friends’ lives as well) versus the people who take a more pessimistic outlook. I can’t remember the last time I rejected an outfit because I was worried about water damage or canceled plans because the forecast called for low temperatures. In fact, I typically find autumn and winter weather calming – though that is a matter of personal preference.

No matter what your individual taste is, though, the people who adjust best to life in this city are the ones who take our wacky, cold, famously rainy weather in stride. They go hiking through rainstorms, spend wind-chilled mornings at the Saturday Market, and don’t freak out if they step in a puddle while wearing their favorite shoes. They may take a moment to acknowledge their longing for some sun, but eventually they shrug it off and make the best of their situation.

Ultimately, that’s what will make or break your experience in Portland: staying inside and complaining about bad weather, or making plans regardless and making sure your outfit is made up of good clothing.

Berkeley Franklin is a freshman at University of Portland pursuing an English and Spanish double major. She loves corgis, black coffee, and wearing way too many sweaters all at once.