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Meet Katherine (Kat) Miller

Name: Katherine (Kat) Miller
Grade: Senior
Major: Political science
Originally from: St. Louis, Missouri, but her family currently lives in Mill Creek, Washington, which is just outside of Seattle
How did you get into mock trail and for how long have you been doing it?

I decided to do mock trial at the University of Portland because I heard it was more “serious” than the debate club, and the person at the recruiting table in the fall of my freshman year was really cute. I also never really join things and then quit easily when there is a commitment, so I just kind of kept doing it. I also met a lot of friends my first year of mock trial which made me want to continue with it. 

What’s your favorite role/position in mock trial?

I have to say I like being an attorney best. I like openings because they are memorized [introductions to the court], and closings because you get to think on your feet [to come up with a closing argument]. I think my favorite thing to actually do in mock trial is cross examination from any side either as a witness or as a crossing attorney. 

What are thinking of doing in the future with mock trial? Or how is mock trial preparing you for future opportunities?

It has always been my goal to go to law school. Mock trial definitely helps with some of the skills that I know I will need in law school and as a lawyer. Such as public speaking, building cases and understanding how different legal elements connect to each other. These skills will assist me if I am in law school and if I choose to do anything else in life.
Do you have any favorite memories from mock trial?
I have a lot of great team memories and personal achievements in mock trial. I remember getting to know some of my teammates really well at tournaments and staying up way later than I should have gossiping, and just having a lot of fun at team dinners. In terms of personal achievement there have been some really great competition moments against other teams where I have made a good objection or gotten out of impeachment [a witness being eliminated from the trial] that has felt really good. 
Is there anything else about yourself that you’d like to add?
Basically when I started going to school at the University of Portland I joined a ton of activities and I never looked back and I recommend that to all! 


I'm an Environmental Ethics and Policy Major, an intersectional feminist, and fashion lover.
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