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Land Your Dream Internship Now!

This time of year, we start to feel the heat…and I’m not just talking about the weather! Stress levels are rising, semester-long project due dates are rapidly approaching and for some of us, graduation (at my house, we call it the “g” word) is just around the corner. Who has time to worry about, let alone apply for internships? If you’re looking for a resume builder or an experience to fill your summer, check out these career-boosting tips.

1.       Do a self-check. What are you passionate about? The internship search becomes a lot easier if you have an idea of what you hope to achieve professionally. Consider it a “test drive” for a future career. Career Services is a great resource if you find yourself overwhelmed with possible career choices.

2.       Be a super sleuth. Finding that perfect internship will require a little bit of research. After you’ve identified an area (or two) of interest, Google search companies in the area and see if they offer internships. If they don’t, consider calling or emailing the company to see if they would be willing to offer an internship opportunity to you. Your initiative will NOT go unnoticed.

3.       Your New Best Friend–The Job Search Engine. Sometimes, the hardest part of the internship process is simply finding applicable internships. Job search engines like Indeed and Monster are great options, but tend to be very generic. For those of us HC Portland gals interested in media careers, here are a few sites to consider:

a.       Media Bistro

b.      Mac’s List

c.       Intern Queen

4.       Be tenacious. Landing an internship is hard work! The best way to set yourself apart as an applicant is to own the follow up. Call them , email them, even tweet at them! This will not only prove your interest in landing the internship, but it will also show your commitment and drive to do what is necessary to get the job done.

Armed with these tips, a polished resume and a can-do attitude go out there and rock that interview!

Hanna attends the University of Portland and is studying Marketing with a minor in Communication Studies. Getting lost, adventuring in the Pearl on a cloudy afternoon and eventually ending up in a local coffee shop are some of Hanna’s greatest pleasures in life. Hanna hopes to pursue a career in public relations upon graduation and plans to adopt the “City of Roses” as her new home. She is an avid writer and loves spending time with her favorite American authors, Ernest Hemingway and Kurt Vonnegut, with a good cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. Hanna is the Campus Correspondent and Editor-In-Chief for Her Campus Portland.
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