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An Introvert’s Guide to Making New Friends

Hi Loves!

So we all know what it’s like to be a little shy, right? Generally, people like to make friends so they’re more comfortable in their environment. Everyone’s different however, so for some of us it’s easy to be outgoing around new people and for others, it’s not (which’s perfectly normal!). I, myself, am more of an introvert, and sometimes making new friends can be quite the struggle! But over the years, I’ve gained a few tips and here I am to share them with you.

1. Allow yourself to seem approachable

Allowing yourself to seem open to conversation truly has an impact. For example, sitting in class or at a dining table without a phone in hand makes you seem much more willing to engage in small talk. I promise that the world around you is much more interesting than what Stephanie tweeted Thursday night about her cat, Mr. Sniffles! Maybe the girl sitting next to you will compliment you on your sweater, and the next thing you know, you’re in a deep discussion about the latest fashion trends. Who knows?

Also, smiling at someone while making eye contact goes quite a long way. We all like the feeling of being “liked” and just a little smile from a stranger can make us feel such a way. And perhaps, if you see this person regularly, they might strike up a conversation one day.

There are lots of ways for you to seem more approachable, but remember, friendliness and politeness are the easiest methods for budding friendships.  


2. Say Yes!

Don’t forget to say yes!

If someone asks you to join them for brunch and you have time to kill and a tummy to fill, why not go? Not only does it show interest in spending time with the person, but then you have the opportunity to bond with them and find similarities. Perhaps you’ll discover your shared love of Harry Potter or yoga class. You never know… 


3. Try a new sport, join a club and follow your passions!

No matter how intimidating, go out and try new things! Love art? Join the art club! Want to join a sports team but have no idea where to start? Try out for an intramural team! The opportunities are endless, especially in college.

It can be a little scary sometimes, but the end results are definitely worth it. Not only do you get to expand or find new passions, but you get to make new friends doing it. Yay! Bonding over a shared love for an activity is one of the most powerful things you can do for a friendship, through sharing laughs to making plans for your next hot yoga session. The opportunities are endless, so go get ‘em!


4. Single Them Out

This may sound a little ominous, but I promise that it will lead to the greater good. Once you’ve found someone whose presence you enjoy, go ahead and offer for them to join you for a study session or an ice cream run.

And I know that asking someone to hang out with you for the first time is a little intimidating, so that’s why I used the wording “single them out.” That way, you can hang out with them one-on-one and bond personally, before being introduced to a group of their friends. That way, you can feel more comfortable with them while you’re around other people, and their friends will probably become your friends too! It’s a win-win!


Making new friends may be difficult sometimes, but with a little practice and just a dash of confidence, you’ve all the ingredients you need to create life-long friendships. Good luck babes!


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