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Do your research on who you are meeting with and the topic you are meeting about or the job you are interviewing for. This helps you be more confident breaking the ice and navigate your interpersonal communication with the other person. Also, being informed about the topic and person can open more avenues for topics and save time by limiting explanations.

Always prepare!

… for interviews:

Have an answer for what your biggest strengths and weaknesses are!

-be honest

-check out the strengths finders quiz, it is so worth it

Have questions ready that show you are interested and informed


… for meetings:

Have a tentative agenda and schedule

-Share it with the person you are meeting with before so they have the opportunity to prepare as well


Yes, have your material prepared but don’t forget to take time for yourself!

-Facemask, manicure, or whatever self-care go-to that does the trick to help you relax and get yourself put together.

-Have a killer playlist. Mine is called Mantra and is made up of songs that reflect my values, beliefs, and views on life. Listening to it before important interviews and meetings help center me and puts me in a clear headspace.


Look good, feel good

Keep attire professional but also something you are confident and familiar with.

You don’t want it to be that one “business” outfit you only pull out of your closet for high-stress interview and meetings, you will begin to dread it. Wear a favorite blouse or a necklace you wear often, or earrings that were an important gift. It’s kind of like a comfort item that has the dual purpose of making your look more dynamic and unique

Side notes:

Either have bare nails or nails on point, no in-between.

Watch for wrinkles! Pro tip: pick out your outfit before you shower and hang it on the other side of the curtain, the steam will knock most wrinkles out.




I know, I know you are so eager but take a moment to slow down and ask them how they are and get a feel for the headspace they are currently in. Have they just had lunch? Is this their 10th interview of the day? Did they just get back from out of town? This not only shows that you care but gives you valuable information about how to approach the rest of your time with them.

Take notes!

It shows you care and values the details. And I promise you won’t remember as much as you think you will. You can also use your notebook to write down key topics or words of encouragement.

Okay, this is the key:

And what I think may be your roadblock if you feel interviews and one on one meetings are your kryptonite. Just remember that the person on the other side of that desk is just a human too. Yes, they are looking for certain things out of you, don’t focus on that. Focus on connecting with them on a human level. The whole visualizing them in their underpants thing works for some people I personally picture them among a group of friends laughing until they cry. Nothing makes a person less intimidating then picturing them in a carefree capacity of extreme joy.





Find a way to process what just happened. This can be writing out a summary, creating a to-do list, meditating on what went well and what could improve next time, or calling someone to verbalize what you are feeling.  


Always check in!

This may be as simple as thanking them for their time or might be a summary of action items or documents and materials that were discussed during your time. Just make sure you do not wait too long, for sure check in by the next day.


Good luck, you are gonna kill it ya lady boss!

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