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Hey There Campus Alumna, Stephanie!

Name: Stephanie Chavoya

Year: Class of 2018

Major: Social Work    

Minor: Education 

Hometown: San Jose, California

Current Job: SJC program; Maggie’s Place

Single or Taken: Single

Past UP Activities: Resident Assistant, Faith and Formation Ambassador, community service, La Croix tasting

 Favorite Movie: A Walk to Remember

Spirit Animal: Giraffe

If you were a vegetable, what would you be? Onion

Celeb Crush: Zac Efron

Which HSM character are you?  Gabriella

Favorite Place to do Homework: Clark Library

Plane, Trains, or Automobile: Plane

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Pet Peeve: When people slurp their soup or spaghetti

What Disney Channel show would you want to be in?   Lizzie McGuire

Favorite Season: Autumn

Biggest Fear: Scary Movies 

Victoria is a senior marketing major with a sustainability minor at the University of Portland. In her free time, she loves browsing the aisles of Target, exploring Portland and drinking chocolate milk. When in doubt her outfits are almost entirely from Old Navy and you can normally find her in Kenna Hall where she is one of the Resident Assistants. 
Alex Rodgers

Portland '19

Oh, but "baby-fish-mouth" is sweeping the nation
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