Gift Guide for your Music Loving Friends

We all have those friends that are constantly listening to music and stay up to date on new releases. #NewMusicFriday on Spotify. 

Here are three gift ideas that your music loving friends will love!

1. A subscription to a music streaming service. Spotify Premium, Apple Music, Pandora One...there are so many options! Pro Tip: if you're purchasing a service with a student email address, you can get that student discount! And Spotify recently partnered with Hulu to offer a student bundle of both Spotify Premium and Hulu for only $4.99 a month!


2. Beats Headphones. These are a great investment because they are really great quality and last a long time. The newest version of headphones are wireless too! How cool!


3. Concert Tickets. It's always better to give experiences instead of material objects anyway, right? If your friend's favorite artist is going on tour, check tour dates and prices to give the gift of music and memorable moments!