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Find Your Chill With Cartoons


Last week was enormously stressful. The election and registration made me want to alternatively curl in a ball or scream. So, in order to give my brain a break, I turn to cartoons to find some chill. Here are some different options for you if you’d like to destress with an animated series. 

High School Hero Cartoons.

Kim Possible. Ultra confident and competent, she’s who most of us dreamed to be like in highschool. Sadly while our high school career was not that cool, we can reminisce by watching her kick butt. Disney Video has full length comercial-free episodes online here: http://video.disney.com/kim-possible.

Totally Spies! This series follows three teenages girls as they juggle high school, crushes, and being secret spies all at once. I remember being jealous of the all the cool gadgets they had, even if some were not very practical.

Fun Adventure Cartoons

Avatar: The Last Airbender. This animated series combines gorgeous scenery with a unique universe filled with flying bison and element benders. While this show tackles some serious topics but it provides a light hearted outlook on life. Nick online has some full episodes but not whole seasons. They can be found here: http://www.nick.com/avatar-the-last-airbender/episodes/

Voltron: Legendary Defender. This cartoon premiered on Netflix this year and has gone on to gain quite a following. It’s a remake of the ‘80s anime, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, though no knowledge of the original is required to enjoy the remake. It centers on five young adults who pilot giant robotic lions that form one giant robot known as Voltron. Their aim is to defeat the Galra empire and find their way back to earth.

Older Focused Action Cartoons

Star Wars: The Clones Wars (the animated series, not the movie). This series is set between the second and third of the prequel Star Wars trilogy but you don’t have to have seen the movies to enjoy this series. It fleshes out what the Galaxy was like when Jedis were there to fight for the Republic. This series follows several different characters and spans many topics from the ethics of war, espionage, political schemes, and many more. All six seasons are available on netflix.

Young Justice. Fans of Teen Titans will love this show with a more mature take on classic DC sidekicks becoming. This series is by itself in the DC universe so you don’t need to read the comics or see the movies to understand what’s going on. This series focuses on the former sidekicks finding their own identity and learning to work as a covert team for the Justice League. Both seasons are available on Netflix and Cartoon Network just greenlighted production for a third season.

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