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Embrace Your Laziness This Spring Break

Finally, midterms are over and spring break is here. Whether you’re traveling somewhere new and exotic or just spending time at home, spring break should be stress free and fun. Make the most of your days and enjoy it while you can.

  • Binge-Watching

Finally, you can spend hours watching your favorite show without feeling guilty about it. Now is the perfect time to start that new show that looked interesting.


  • Sleeping

Spring break’s the perfect time to catch up on all the sleep you missed out on during midterms. No 8 AM classes this week!


  • Hanging Out with Friends & Family

If you can try to catch up with family and friends that you might not have been able to during the busy school time. Tell them how things are going at school and ask how things are back home.


  • Exploring

Go to your favorite restaurant in your hometown or spend the day on the beach in Mexico. No matter where you are for the break there is always somewhere fun you can go.

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