Bralettes: More Versatile than you Think

Bralettes. They may not be for everyone, but you can’t deny there’s an appeal to having a cute bra minus that pesky/painful under wire. They’re not just for sunny beach days, there’s many ways you can wear a bralette.


1. They can be paired with a racer back or other low back shirts.



2. Under see through shirts.

They’re something pretty to throw under those see through shirts. Y’know that ones that where even your nude bras show through. If everyone can see your bra, you might as well wear a cute one.


3. Accentuates the collar bone.

Or you can have a little decoration at your collar bones for those wide neck sweaters.


4. Underneath button-ups.

If you’re feeling daring you could pop a few extra buttons on your button up.


5. Provides coverage under v-necks.

Additionally, they provide a little extra coverage for those low cut v-necks.