5 ways to bring the Halloween spirit into your life this October

1.Go to the pumpkin patch!

My favorite is the Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island if you're in the Portland area. It had a glorious patch with many pumpkins as well as a petting zoo, BOMB food and the best cold apple cider I've ever had. There is also a good chance you will see some cute dogs and they have great photo op areas! But be warned! They are cash only so grab that green and celebrate Halloween!


2. Horror movie night.

If you're into horror movies like I am, this is your prime time to binge watch all your classics. A horror movie night with as many people as you can fit into your dorm room is the BEST. Not only does the crowd make the movie more enjoyable but also you feel a little less uneasy when there are 5 other people scared with you. Make sure you all go stock up on snacks before the movie because you're about to be locked in for the night. I highly suggest watching Lights Out.


3. Decorate your space

With the dollar section at Target you can fully decorate your dorm and not break the bank! If you're willing to spend a little more, Michael's has ALL their Halloween decor at 40% off. Convincing Halloween decor doesn't need much, a bag of webs, a bloody hand sticker, a couple of small Halloween knickknacks and some purple Christmas lights and you have yourself a little haunted house.


4. Eat all the Halloween foods!

Pumpkin Reese’s are better than egg Reese’s don’t @ me.

Halloween themed foods just bring so much joy to my heart and happiness to my stomach. Bags of your favorite assorted candies everywhere, Halloween sugar cookies, count Chocula cereal, orange colored filling Oreos, candy corn, caramel apple lollipops, and pumpkin everything!  


5. Events

There are so many Halloween events during the month of October so don’t forget to go to some! Any event with a costume contest is always great, especially if it's a dog costume contest please do yourself a favor and go to one of those! If you like dressing up, go out there and compete! There are plenty of Halloween events on campus (the first being Fright Night on October 5th!) so make sure you check those out and even create your own event in your hall, on campus, or in your community!


Happy Halloween <3