5 Places to Check out on Mississippi Ave.

There comes a point in the semester when you look at the menu at the Pilot House for the thousandth time or take a lap around all the stations in the commons and feel totally underwhelmed. Contrary to popular belief, you can get tired of eating hamburgers and french fries on a regular basis. Likewise, you try to eat healthy but as it gets colder outside, the last thing you want is a cold salad, so, you walk over to check out the soup, but, is that carrot ginger soup? What even is that? Whether this moment occurs for you in week two of the semester or week twelve, it's important to know that there are soooo many food options off campus for you to check out. One of my favorite places to go is Mississippi Ave. because it is relatively close to campus and offers a really nice variety of restaurants, coffee shops, stores and bars. Here are some of my favorite places to go to grab a meal when I'm in the area!


1. Mississippi Pizza

I love Mississippi Pizza because it has a great ambiance. You can grab pizza by the slice or order a whole pizza all while enjoying live music and entertainment. They also have perfected the gluten free pizza crust in case you have a gluten intolerance! Check out their website to see the full menu and a calendar of upcoming events. 


2. Ruby Jewel

Do you ever crave artisanal ice cream flavors but don't want to deal with the lines at Salt & Straw? Have no fear, Ruby Jewel is here! Hit up their Mississippi Ave. location for a scoop, a milkshake, or one of their famous ice cream sandwiches! 


3. Bar Bar

This is a really fun restaurant and bar (I bet you guessed that from the name though). It has a great lunch and dinner menu and an exquisite cocktail menu if you're 21. And if weather permits, a really fun covered patio area where they show movies. 10/10 would recommend. 



4. Life of Pie

Okay, this one's cheating because it isn't technically on Mississippi Ave., but it's very close to it! And I couldn't not mention this place because it's one of my favorites. The pizza served at Life of Pie is honestly some of the best pizza I've ever had! All of the pizza is personal sized and cooked to order in a wood fire oven. It has been named one of the top ten pizza places in Portland, so if all of this info hasn't convinced you yet, I don't know what will. 



5. ¿Por Qué No?

Okay, I've saved the best place for last. In my personal opinion, ¿Por Qué No? is one of the best places to eat in all of Portland. This taqueria serves authentic street tacos of all kinds and has some bomb chips and guac. If you are 21 or older, you've got to try one of their famous margaritas won't be disappointed. If I'm willing to rate Bar Bar 10/10, then I feel obliged to rate ¿Por Qué No? 25/'s that good.


There you have it, five places on Mississippi Ave. (or in the direct vicinity of Mississippi Ave.) that you can try out if you're stuck in a campus food rut. It's a great way to enjoy good food, explore Portland more and support local businesses. Happy Eating!