5 Nail Polishes to Rock in the Spring

Spring has sprung. Flowers are in bloom. The sun is starting to peek out!  It’s time to put away those darker shades of nail polish and bring out those pastels for a fun pop of color!

1. Pastel/Baby Pink

A staple color that should be at the top of your list would be a pastel or baby pink.  I feel like anyone can rock a fun light pink shade. There are so many options out there to experiment with!

2. Light Blue

A light blue shade can add a pop of color to any outfit and can remind you of the blue sky on a beautiful spring day.

3. Yellow 

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, I would recommend trying a light yellow color.  With the right shade, you’ll have everyone complimenting your nails.

4. Purple

I think a pretty color that anyone can pull off this spring is a light purple.  A color like this will remind you of all the pretty flowers in bloom.

5. Nude 

Lastly, a fresh nude color is always a necessity to have during these spring months!