5 Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is upon us, and whether that stirs up excitement for you or feelings of doom, there are plenty of movies that are quintessential Valentine's Day flicks. If you'll be spending the day by yourself, with someone, or at church since Valentine's Day falls on Ash Wednesday this year (#CatholicSchoolProbs), you should carve out some time in your day to treat yo self. Eat some chocolate and watch one of these feel-good movies!


1. Valentine's Day 

I mean, what other movie were you expecting this list to start with? It's one of those "so bad, it's good" movies and there are so many characters and interwoven story lines that you're bound to relate to one of them. Light-hearted, funny and romantic. You can't go wrong. 



2. Bridesmaids 

Kristen Wiig's character in this movie is single and her life's a mess (tbh same). This is one of those movies that makes you laugh until you cry, making it the perfect Valentine's flick if it's just you. Who needs a relationship when you can have hilarious comediennes? #GirlPower 


3. 500 Days of Summer 

This movie's an emotional roller coaster! Without giving any spoilers if you haven't seen it yet, just when you think it's going to have a happy ending, it doesn't, but then gets better! This movie will throw you for a loop, but a loop you don't want to miss. 


4. Dirty Dancing 

This movie's one of my all-time favorites and a classic at that. Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Excuse me while I swoon over Patrick Swayze in this flick. 

5. The Notebook 

This and pretty much any other Nicholas Sparks movie ever made. It doesn't get any more romantic than that! 

Curl up in front of the TV this Valentine's Day and whether or not you have anyone to spend the day with, these movies are sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy and believe in the magic of a good rom-com. Happy Valentine's Day!