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3 Easy Ways to be Sustainable on Campus

There may be one specific day that we celebrate the earth, but Earth Day should be every day! Here are three very simple ways to practice sustainability in your day-to-day life around campus.

1. Compost and Recycle

If you do have waste to dispose of, be mindful of where you dispose of it! Compost is meant for organic materials (i.e. food waste, coffee grounds, etc.) while paper, plastics, glass and aluminum can be recycled. The rest can go into the landfill pile. 

2. Use Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Mugs

This is such an easy way to practice sustainability, and it saves money! Did you know that if you have your own mug when you buy a drink from any coffee cart on campus, you’ll receive a discount! Who needs paper cups or plastic bottles anyway?!

3.Turn off the lights when you leave a room

Did you know that a lot of electricity comes from burning fossil fuels? That means when you leave a room and forget to turn the lights off, fossil fuels are burning when there is no need for them to be. If you don’t need them, don’t use them! Not only is it important to turn lights off in your house, but also empty classrooms, study rooms in the library, etc.

How do you practice sustainability in your daily life?


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