10 Ways You Know You're the Mom of Your Friend Group

You’re sitting around with your friends, playing a game, when all of a sudden you hear yourself saying, “Anybody need a snack?” Sound familiar? If so, you might just be the mom of your friend group. Here’s ten ways to find out. 

1. You carry snacks in your purse…and band-aids, tissues, a charger, and everything else your friends need.

2. You’re constantly coordinating carpool (bonus points if it’s in a minivan).

3. You’ve threatened to pull over a car when your friends are arguing.

4. And you’d be ruthless if anyone hurt your friends. 

5. You can’t sleep until you get that “Home safe!” text.

6. You’ve had to teach your friends how to do their laundry, wash the dishes, make their beds...


7. ...and nag them when they don't do it. 

8. You’re proud of their accomplishments and hang their stuff up on the fridge for everyone to see.

9. You can’t help but jump in when your friends are about to do something irresponsible. 

10. And you’re always there with a hug and some aspirin when they don’t listen. 

Thanks for all you do, mom friends.