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10 Cliché Things About Fall That We All Love

The temperatures on the Bluff are starting to drop and when we walk outside, we can see actual clouds instead of smoke (too soon?). Once our calendars switch over from August to September, it can only mean one thing: fall is upon us!! I think fall is a very common fan favorite- people love this season! And with all that love, comes just a tad bit of judgment from all the haters out there. But who cares?! Here are 10 cliché things about fall that we love and other people love to hate.

10. As soon as September 1st rolls around the artificial scent and candle industries’ sales sky rocket! Have you ever been to a Bath & Body Works during autumn?? It’s magical with every pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, crisp morning, warm vanilla scent you could ever imagine in one convenient location. Hand soaps, candles, wall diffusers, oh my!


9. Hold on Christmas decor, this is fall decor’s time to shine! With all those decorative fall candles you’ve just purchased, you’re also going to need a bunch of decorative leaves, pumpkins and autumn wreaths to boost the ambiance in your home or dorm. There’s a sale at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s on cute scarecrows and fall quotes printed on canvas? Consider me there!

8. Raise your hand if you have ever fallen into the rabbit hole that is Autumn boards on Pinterest. Now raise your hand if you have ever been a creator of one of those Pinterest boards solely dedicated to this wonderful season. Don’t worry we’re right there with you. Make sure to check out our boards! I could look at pictures of fall decor and fall nature scenes for hours! They’re so aesthetically pleasing! If you have never done this, once you finish reading this article, drop everything you are doing and open Pinterest. You’ll thank me later.

7. I’ve got one word for you: hayrides. Something about putting some hay on a trailer and then sitting on said bails of hay and being driven around is the epitome of the autumn season. Personally, I think it is very nostalgic and if given the opportunity to go on a hayride right this second, I would go in a heartbeat. 


6. Fall is the perfect time to take very cliché, not-so-candid photos for Instagram. What’s not to love? Pretty colors, cute fall outfits, a ton of likes to step up your social media game. Everyone’s a winner in this situation. With that being said, at this time of year, you will find pumpkin patches FULL of girls taking cute photos with their pumpkins. It comes with the territory.


5. Speaking of fall Instagram photos, how about pics of casually throwing leaves up in the air! Cheesy? Most definitely. Worth it though? Of course.


4. Did you think we were done talking about fall Instagram photo ops? Think again! We can’t forget about taking photos of our cute fuzzy socks with maybe a cup of tea in front of a fire place, and a zillion filters. Because our feet don’t get enough appreciation during the other seasons.


3. Autumn is synonymous for flannel season, and I would be willing to debate anyone who does not agree. There’s nothing comfier than an oversized flannel,that’s perfectly worn in, and paring it with sweats or jeans. That’s #fashion right there.


2. The Halloweentown movie franchise’s an institution of our generation, and really, I can’t say enough good things about it. The acting is perfectly cheesy and the storyline’s very predictable, let’s be honest here, but it is also one of the best movies from my childhood (even after they changed the main characters!) and I make a priority to watch it every season. It never gets old.


1. We have reached the end of our countdown! Can you guess what the number one cliché fall thing that everyone loves is? I’ll give you a hint: these three letters have taken the world by storm. Ok, I’ll give you the answer now… P. S. L. That’s right, the pumpkin spice latte is more than just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. PSL…pumpkin spice…lifestyle…get your own. That’s all I have to say about that. 

Happy Fall Pilots! Enjoy this wonderful season!! 

Student at the University of Portland #GoPilots CA born and raised, OR transplant Lover of coffee, music, sarcasm and dogs
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