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Before You Get Too Caught Up In Spring Break Daydreams…

The weather here in Pittsburgh is starting to take a turn for the best; the sun is no longer hiding behind those gray clouds at all hours of the day, the temperatures are starting to rise… I mean, we all might as well get our bathing suits out!  The vibe is completely changing because spring break draws nearer.

However, there’s always a catch, isn’t there?  Halt your spring break daydreams because before anyone is able to pack up and go home (or wherever you may be heading for your spring break), we all have to take those annoying things called midterms.

Midterms are the only thing standing in between you and your spring break, so it’s only natural to want to get them over with ASAP!  Unfortunately, everyone has to get through them whether they like it or not, so if you keep these helpful hints in mind, you’ll be able to ace your midterms with flying colors AND have an (almost) stress-free week!

  • Study, study, study: The best thing to do when you’re studying for big tests like your midterms is to regulate your studying.  Study a little bit for each one of your classes every night so you don’t end up cramming. This technique will also help you pace yourself when studying.  You always want to review what you studied the previous night before you move onto new content.  Doing this will help you retain the information in your brain longer and actually remember it when the time to take the test rolls around!
  • Give yourself a breather: Studying literally ALL the time is just as bad as pulling an all-nighter the night before the test to cram; say it with me: cramming is bad!  Set goals and rewards for yourself instead! Promise yourself a half hour of free time to just sit down and relax after you studied for your hardest class for an hour.  Giving yourself a break is pretty crucial to your sanity as well!  Sitting in front of all your schoolwork and books for hours on end can drive anyone up a wall!
  • Get some beauty sleep: Your health is the most important thing.  Never force yourself to stay up longer than you need to just to study for a test.  Odds are, you probably won’t do nearly as well as you hoped you would due to your fatigue. If it’s 2 in the morning and you have a midterm at 8 or 9 in the morning, sleep will be much more beneficial than packing in last-minute information. Remind yourself that you can always bring your study tools with you to class to review before your professor hands out the test!
  • Eat breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- we all know it, so never skip it, especially on the mornings of your midterms.  The food will fuel your body and your brain, keeping you on your toes throughout the whole day.  Not to mention, having your stomach growl loudly during an exam will definitely throw off your focus, and all you’ll be able to think of is grabbing that breakfast sandwich after you leave. 
  • Keep calm & carry on: Always remember to keep your cool and do your best not to stress yourself out… which shouldn’t be hard if you follow these tips! Follow these helpful tips, and before you know it, you’ll be able to keep yourself calm throughout this crazy week and carry on peacefully into your spring break!
Sydney D. Schaefer is a journalism/photojournalism double major student at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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