Students score cheap tickets and great seats to local major league sporting events

Point Park student Olivia Gilpin once scored a pair of Pittsburgh Pirates tickets on Stubhub that were located only a few rows from third base for only $8.

For $27, CCAC student Frank Novoa got to sit three rows from the glass at a Pittsburgh Penguins game as part of its student rush program.

“I never imagined I would sit that close for a Pirates game, let alone for only $8,” said Gilpin.

These are just a few of the ways students are able to get great seats at a discounted price for Pittsburgh’s two professional teams currently in season. Through second hand ticketing sites, resale tickets, and the box office students can save money on tickets for both the Pirates and Penguins.

Popular second hand ticketing sites Stubhub, VividSeats, and SeatGeek often offers the biggest discounted tickets, especially for important games. SAEM student Casey McGaw scored tickets on Stubhub for the Pirates 2016 Opening Day in the left field bleachers for $34.

“I didn’t think I was going to get to attend Opening Day, but I checked Stubhub the day of the game and prices had dropped nearly $40 from the last time I had looked,” said McGaw.

Students can also watch out for the special deals through the Pirates box office, such as their Buc Nights where they sell tickets for only $1. Point Park student Olivia Barnett isn’t a big Pirates fan, but she often attends games when they offer this promotion.

“Only paying $1 to sit in the lower grandstand is such an awesome deal,” said Barnett.

Pirates tickets can also be found on campus at discounted rates through Point Park’s Campus Activity Board. The group occasionally has blocks of tickets for games and they sell the tickets here to students for $5 a piece. Gilpin has also used this as a means of getting Pirates tickets, and even though the seats are often upper grandstand she enjoys the opportunity.

“I love that I can buy cheap tickets right here on campus,” said Gilpin.

For Penguins games, students can get amazing seats through the Penguins student rush program. Brittany Bishop, a sophomore SAEM student, is an avid buyer of student rush tickets and has sat in the lower bowl numerous times, including once in the Penguins wives section.

“My mom has half season tickets, but student rush is a great way for me to go to the game when I don’t already have tickets,” said Bishop.

Student rush is also available during the playoffs, although it costs a few more dollars and is more difficult to get. Despite this Penguins inside sales representative and Point Park student Jessica Martin still insists student rush is the best way to go for discount tickets.

“Student rush is absolutely the cheapest done online,” said Martin.

Another great way to get guaranteed tickets for the Penguins is through the NHL Ticket exchange or Ticketmaster resale, although the prices typically run higher on these sites. Point Park students Ashley Rae and Baylee Zimmerman often buy through these sites when they miss out on student rush or want good seats to a nearly sold out game.

“It’s more expensive, but it’s still a great way to get tickets for the game,” said Zimmerman.

The method students most often ignore when looking for discounted tickets is going directly to the box office. Penguins inside sales representative and Point Park Student Dani McSweeney says that students should sign up for the Penguins e-mail lists as they often offer discounts on tickets that go unnoticed.

“For example, tickets for the last couple home games were being offered at 30% off, but only through calling the box office,” said McSweeney.

No matter what method students choose, there are many great options to get tickets for the Penguins or Pirates without breaking the bank.