Apply to go to the 2017 Baseball Winter Meetings!

    Looking to jumpstart your career in sports? Apply to attend the 2017 Baseball Winter Meetings with the Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing! A once in a lifetime opportunity, this trip will include panels, networking, and the chance to apply for hundred of internships and jobs in baseball.

The Center is taking three lucky students, all expenses paid, to Orlando, Florida from December 10th - 14th to the PBEO Job Forum at the Baseball Winter Meetings. At the forum students will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals from teams all across the country as well as have the opportunity to apply and interview for positions on-site.

Last year the Center took eleven students to the Winter Meetings in Washington, D.C., all of whom received offers from professional or minor league teams. In total the group left the job forum with over 110 interviews, and over 20 offers. As a veteran of the Winter Meetings myself, I will say that it is an unforgettable experience and it is truly one of my best memories from my time at Point Park. Minor league baseball is a great way to start a career in sports, and there's a pretty good chance your internship will lead to one of the best summers of your life (I know mine did).

If you’re interested in applying you can fill out an application and the accompanying questions on the Center’s website, which you can find here. Applications are due by next Friday, September 29th. If you are chosen as a finalist, you will attend an in-person interview with Center executives and Point Park officials. Winners will be chosen based on their application, resume, and interview.

If you have any question you can reach out to Dani McSweeney at [email protected] or at 412-392-8058.