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4 Ways I Take Care of Myself During Midterm Season

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Plattsburgh chapter.

In October, the spookiest thing just might be that midterm that’s worth 30% of your final grade. It feels like you’ve just gotten settled into college and it starts to feel overwhelming with studying for that huge test while doing all your other classwork. Luckily, I have gathered four tips to take care of yourself, but still get a good mark on your exams.

Whatever you do, do not only study in your dorm room

Sounds weird, right? For me, I have to move around while I am studying. For SUNY Plattsburgh students, the top floor of the Feinberg Library always has tons of space, or our cafes with couches, like Tim Hortons or Samuel D’s. When I know I have to get something done, I almost forbid myself from studying in my room. College dorm rooms are just romanticized closet spaces — your bed will most likely be right next to you. And when you are tired, you will make an excuse in your head for why you could use a nap. So, save yourself the trouble and don’t make it harder on yourself.

Get a planner

This might sound a little too “common sense” for you to take seriously, but you should. In college, your other teachers are not aware of how many midterms you have or on what days, but that is your job. When you are so focused on studying for one exam, you might forget about every other assignment or small quiz you have. You end up being unprepared, like you took one step forward and then three steps back.

Set a bedtime for yourself

I know, it sounds kiddy, but it works. If you don’t understand it at 2 a.m., you probably won’t understand when you are sleep deprived three hours later. Setting a time when you put your books away and you can put on your favorite music while doing your nightly routine de-stresses you right before you go to sleep.

Go and do something new with a friend

In college, this can be pretty easy. There are always posters across the campus from different clubs or associations for activities to get your mind off of this stress from your classes. Once, I went to a candle-making event while studying in SUNY Plattsburgh’s John Myers Fine Arts Building and it was a great memory. It reminded me that college is supposed to be fun and give you new experiences. If you like doing things alone, our school has its own yoga classes throughout the week, which would be a great way to spend a study break.

Following these tips, you should always prioritize your health over a grade. You cannot concentrate or grasp information for a test when you’re hungry, sleep deprived, or sick. Good luck on your midterms!

Brionne Thompson

Plattsburgh '26

Hi! Im a sophomore at SUNY Plattsburgh! I am a Journalism major, and I am from Yonkers, NY. If I’m not writing, I can be found scrolling through Pinterest, making too many vision boards and reading mystery novels.