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Your Therapist Will Approve of Selena Gomez’s New Makeup Line

"I'm very authentic," says Selena Gomez on an Instagram video introducing her new makeup line. This well-known pop star and actress isn't kidding. From her early days coming out with "Who Says," a song about loving yourself as you are, to opening up about her struggle with bipolar disorder in recent months, Selena Gomez has always kept it real with her fans. Now, she intends to share her messages of inclusive beauty and mental health awareness with her new makeup line: Rare Beauty. 

In an interview with The Cut, Gomez says she hopes the Rare Beauty community will "challenge beauty norms by shaping conversations about self-acceptance and mental health." She is making this dream a reality by creating the Rare Impact Fund, intending to raise $100 million over the next ten years to directly benefit "mental health services, with a focus on underserved communities." Her goal of helping underrepresented communities is apparent in her makeup line. With 48 different shades of foundation, Selena has made it possible for people of all colors to enjoy her makeup.

One interesting thing I noticed about this new makeup line is the naming of the products. In this era of Beauty, I am used to seeing products called "Trophy Wife" or "orgasm." The names of Rare Beauty's products, such as the With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm or the Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight, are not only more wholesome, but they also focus on promoting good mental health. By using positive language to name her products, Selena emphasizes that makeup can help us feel good rather than objectified. 

Rare Beauty focuses on simple, high-quality products that aim to enhance, not transform, your appearance. Here are some of the looks featured on the brand's Instagram. 

Selena Gomez's #rareroutine 
Cat Eye & Red Lips are so Classy!
Glowing Goddess

Rare Beauty's focus on self-acceptance and mental health gives people of all different races and ethnicities a reason to try out this makeup line. According to Fox Business, Rare Beauty will "donate 1% of sales toward mental health resources." With 4.4 out of 5 ratings on Sephora, you are getting your money's worthwhile also donating to a great cause.

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