Yoga U PGH: Oakland’s New Yoga Studio

A new yoga studio has moved into Oakland! Yoga U PGH opened its doors a couple months ago. With its convenient location at 3608 Forbes Avenue (right next to Roots Natural Kitchen), this yoga studio will become your new favorite spot!

The studio offers a wide variety of classes including flow, hatha and meditation. They also focus on making yoga accessible to people of all different backgrounds. They have classes specifically designed for cancer patients and survivors, first responders and people with all sorts of different body types.

A couple other HC members and I attended the Yoga for Every Body class. This class focuses on poses and movements that can be adapted for every body type so that you can love and honor your body as it is. The class was slow-paced, so it’s great if you are a beginner or want something more relaxing.

Classes are held all throughout the day from early morning to late evening, so it’s easy to get a class in before or in-between classes. You can purchase drop-in classes, a various number of session passes or a monthly unlimited pass.

You can easily schedule classes online on their website. You should also check out their website and social media for more info on classes, special events and all the latest updates!

Photo Credit: Cover, author’s own