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Winter is Coming. Is Your Skin Ready?

Your nose is running. Your skin is drying up. You start looking flakey. It can only mean one thing. Winter is coming. But you don’t have to suffer! Thank the gods that we have an entire array of products and plans to keep our skin looking glow-y year round. Here are some tips to keep you looking fresh.

Moisturize to the max

This is probably the most important tip on this list. When the temperature starts to drop, your skin starts to dry out. For me, my skin can get really irritated and flakey as well. The best way to prevent this is to keep your skin hydrated. Apply moisturizer generously at night before bed and in the morning before starting your day. I typically use a heavier one for overnight so my skin can really soak up some moisture while I’m sleeping. One of my go-to moisturizers is the First Aid Beauty Repair Cream.

Exfoliate often

Too much exfoliation can be harsh on the skin but during the winter, it’s more necessary. Exfoliating gets rid of any dead skin, dirt, or grime that’s lingering on the skin. This includes any dryness or flakiness you may get. Doing this often, I try for twice a week, and it really can keep your skin smooth. I’m a huge fan of using charcoal to exfoliate so my favorite product is Biore Deep Pore
Charcoal Cleanser.

Soothe your face with a mask

Winter can be harsh on the skin in general. Your face just needs a little extra attention. Face masks are the perfect opportunity for this. They’re quick and easy and also offer the bonus of being great self-care. My personal favorite for exfoliation is the Cup O’Coffee mask by Lush, which cleans out my skin while also soothing any irritation that may flare up.

Always take your makeup off

This is a good habit to get into all year round but it’s especially important during the winter months. Everything you’ve put on your face for the day will just dry your skin out even more overnight. Having a fresh face for the next day will keep your skin from looking cakey. Every night, I use the Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.

Start off with primer

Starting your makeup off with a good base will help keep your skin hydrated and fresh all day. The temperature and wind outside during winter can cause your makeup to turn cakey and matte. Primer gives you a dewy glow while protecting your skin. My personal favorite is the Too Faced Hangover Rx Face Primer.

Hanna is a senior studying Psychology, Administration of Justice, and Sociology. Hanna joined Her Campus for a writing outlet outside of classes.
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