What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You: Psychology Edition

As roommates that have been locked together for the greater part of the year, we have had to come up with some creative ways to pass the time. On a random walk one day, we discovered that there may actually be connections between our favorite Disney princesses from childhood and our personalities. And thus, the idea for this article was born. Here are 12 classic (and newer) Disney princesses and some related, unwarranted advice from two non-medical professionals.

Please don't sue us...

  1. 1. Snow White 

    If your favorite princess was Snow White when you were a kid—or even now—we think it’s safe to say you’re probably a strong introvert. Sadly, you likely have a bad taste in romantic partners. Perhaps this is because of unresolved issues with your father? You may want to sit with that one for a while.

  2. 2. Cinderella 

    If Cinderella was the movie for you, you probably just really, really hate your stepmom. You also likely say “yes” to everything because you want everyone’s love and validation. Maybe get a dog and some therapy instead, and don’t forget to tie your shoes!

  3. 3. Sleeping Beauty 

    If Sleeping Beauty was your favorite, you are the dead weight in all group projects. You do absolutely nothing yet somehow reap all the rewards. You sleep through classes, plans and parties. Maybe try carrying your own weight sometimes, or in all honesty, keep doing your thing, seems to have worked out so far.

  4. 4. Belle 

    Belle is smart, well-read, outspoken and dedicated. You probably are too if she is your favorite. Some may claim you have Stockholm syndrome, but that disease is nowhere in the DSM5, so you go Belle fans, killing the game. 

  5. 5. Ariel

    We hate to break it to you, but if you love Ariel the most, you probably change your interests and personality for every person you like. Why is this? You probably don’t have a strong sense of self or know exactly what you want in life. Seems like you’ve lost your voice, in a way. *wink, wink* You are probably a great swimmer though!


  6. 6. Jasmine

    If Jasmine is your favorite, you may or may not be a cat lady (and ain't nothing wrong with that). You are a super feminist and stand up for what is right. Your parents are always trying to set you up with a new romantic partner, but you like to make your own choices. Beware of tall, older men with weird facial hair.

  7. 7. Pocahontas

    You are probably nature-oriented if Pocahontas was your favorite princess growing up. Even though you keep telling people you don’t need to be in a relationship, you somehow keep falling for problematic partners left and right. If an elderly woman stops you on the street, take her advice because she might be right.

  8. 8. Mulan

    If Mulan was your favorite, that is a great choice! Good job! You kick butt and don’t let rigid gender roles get in your way. You are very headstrong, but this sometimes gets you into some bad situations. Make sure to follow your inner voice, which may present itself as a tiny dragon… 

  9. 9. Tiana

    If Tiana is your favorite princess, you’re right. You’re also probably headstrong, dedicated and passionate as well. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help every once in a while, especially when you put work before everything else. 

  10. 10. Rapunzel

    Rapunzel is cool, but man, if she was your favorite you may also be a little naive and super oblivious to the world around you. But hey, you have a wonderful personality and can make friends with anyone! We do suggest you try hard to avoid cults at all costs for these reasons. 

  11. 11. Elsa

    If Elsa is your fav, you aren’t just a princess… you are a QUEEN. You may be a bit closed off, some may even say cold, but you are fiercely loyal to your loved ones, sometimes even to a fault. You may lack self-confidence, but once you find some self-love, you are unstoppable.


  12. 12. Moana

    Moana is outgoing and ambitious, and if she is your favorite then you definitely have a type A personality. You are able to make friends in the weirdest of place, but your stubbornness is your biggest fault. Try letting loose sometimes, maybe catch a wave or two.

If you hate Disney and didn't have a favorite princess, you are probably better off. If any of these hit too close to home, maybe seek some outside help.