Turn Anger into Change

Life is hard. Sadly, there’s no getting around that fact. It’s easy to sit back, complain and be mad about everything, but it’s even better to think about how we can turn that discontent into…well, content.

Let’s take a look at everything in life that makes us want to crawl into a hole, and how we can instead turn that feeling into something positive.


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Can’t stand the president or the leadership we’re under? VOTE. The only way a democracy works is if people actually participate.

Climate Change

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Talk of the impending doom of climate change can be terrifying, to say the least, but dwelling on that doom isn’t a good way to spend your time. Educate yourself and learn ways you can help the environment. The small things count.


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This country is full of inequality; this country was founded on inequality. It’s still rampant, in numerous ways, whether that be racial inequality, gender inequality, wealth inequality, etc. This is something we always need to be on the lookout for and something we constantly fight. Tackling it is not easy, but it so, so crucial. Don’t be complicit.

Diet Culture

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Support each other and don’t believe all those ads you see on social media. All of us are unbelievably beautiful, and we don’t need products or programs to make ourselves “more beautiful” or “more fit” (not to mention that several of these products are phony and potentially harmful, only there to rake up money). Fight the idea that those seemingly perfect, airbrushed models in magazines are the standard, and spread love and unending acceptance to others. It’s so sorely needed.

Yes, it’s okay to complain here and there, but remember that bringing about real, tangible change is so much more imperative.