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Sauld Juicery is Your New Favorite Place Hang Out & Here’s Why

Do you love smoothie bowls? Have you completely given into to juice cleanses and healthy shots?  Are you trying to find new ways to eat healthy foods without being sad and bored? If you answered yes to any of these and live in Pittsburgh, you’re in luck: a new Salud Juicery just opened up on Fifth Avenue down by Halket, and they’re serving up some tasty treats.  Upon first appearance, you can tell this place is brand new: white subway tile lines half the walls, brass lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling, and long lacquered slabs of wood act as bar and coffee table.  The walls are adorned with large paintings of elephants in an Andy Warhol fashion. 

The name may have “juicery” in it, but the menu offers so much more.  With over 50 items on the menu, the categories break down into medicinals, coffees, cleanses, shots, chillers, smoothies, bowls, and juices.  Shops like this often receive a bad reputation as people see it as a trendy place to buy gross and healthy foods that will break the bank with its outrageous prices, but while it’s not as cheap as a McDonald’s milkshake, it’s absolutely worth the price.  With so many options to choose from, you can get a healthy and guilt-free treat that still tingles your taste buds and satisfies that sweet tooth. 

You can get the Jungle VIP smoothie with pineapple, banana, strawberry, orange, coconut, and almond milk.  If you like berries better you can try the Berry Superbowl bowl.  My personal favorite is the P-Bee Bowl, filled with acai, blueberry, strawberry, banana, and cashew, then topped with a heaping mound of peanuts, bee pollen, agave, granola, and dark chocolate shavings.  If you’re still not convinced of the deliciousness but want to join you friends, go for one of their coffee blends.  They have a classic Americano, almond milk latte, nut milk latte, and, for the SUPER trendy folks, cold brew coffee. 

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting.  The front entrance has a long bench and coffee table to lounge at while the back has squishy leather couches, some tables and chairs, and a long bar if you need to get some serious work done, not to mention the bomb playlist quietly playing in the background.  Even if you’re stubborn and still not convinced of the treasure that is this fruit trend, just put your pride aside and try something new!

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