Oakland Welcomes Chikn and Roots to the Block

As if we Pitt students didn’t have enough restaurants to choose from on Forbes Avenue, Chikn and Roots have recently opened their doors for business and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re on the fence about dining in at either of these establishments, we’re here to give you a taste of what each place has to offer.


Finally, you can get your hands on southern comfort food in Oakland. Chikn’s menu features all things fried chicken, including a chicken sandwich with a tangy slaw, tenders, salad and of course chicken and waffles. The unique thing about this joint is that you can select a level of heat for your chicken, ranging from “southern” to “damn hot.” No matter what meal you choose, you can count on crispy and juicy chicken coming your way! What can you get on the side? Well only the best southern sides, such as potato salad, mac n cheese, fries or slaw. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, Chikn also sells frozen yogurt sundaes, called concretes. Need breakfast on the go? Chikn also serves breakfast from 7 – 11 a.m.

Although the food speaks southern charm, the restaurant itself is very modern and minimalist, with glossy wood tables, white walls and red accents. Chikn even has a plant wall to bring some green into our city environment.


If you want to feel energized rather than weighed down after a meal, Roots is the place for you! Roots Natural Kitchen offers fresh and filling food, which is great to see on a street lined with burger and pizza joints. You can order any of their signature bowls or you can create your own. A bowl consists of bases, ingredients, a grill item and a dressing. Bases include a variety of grains and greens. Ingredients range from beans and veggies to cheese and nuts. Their grill items feature chicken, tofu and mushrooms. Don’t be afraid to take risks here – Roots lets you sample any ingredient before customizing your bowl. The combinations are endless for a delicious healthy meal!

The vibe inside roots mimics how you should feel while eating healthy – happy! Bright whites and rose gold hues fill the sleek seating areas, and the staff rocks Pitt hats as a part of their uniform.  Despite being new to the block, this restaurant is already “rooted” in the Pitt community!

While both of these establishments are a little more on the pricey side, their prices do line up with those of their neighbors like Piada and Hello Bistro, and you’ll come to find that the food is definitely worth it.

Happy eating!


Photo Credit:  cover1, cover2, 1, photo by Her Campus Pitt member Haley Platt,  34