O-Week as Told by Jersey Shore

Oh it’s that time of year again … O Week! You’re back on campus with all your besties and there’s a new group of freshmen arriving on campus. There are sure to be many adventures this week, so here are your favorite guidos and guidettes from Jersey Shore to show you how it’s done.  

When you and your friends arrive back on campus


O-Week = loading up on all the free food


… and snagging all the free t-shirts


You have no responsibilities yet, so why not?


A year older, but never wiser


Prepping for a wild night like...


When your friends get too lit at the pregame


When freshmen walk around in groups of 20 looking for parties


When said freshmen try to follow you to a party


Please, STAP!

Trying to breathe in crowded South O parties


When the “cops are next door”


When Sorrento's doesn’t give you ranch


After a long night of questionable decisions


Waking up the next morning like


Hydrate or die-drate because...


...it’s time to rally!


Sounds good to me!


When it's Sunday and you realize classes start tomorrow


But it doesn’t matter because it’s O-Week and you’re living your best life

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