Natalie Zazula ‘15

Name: Natalie Zazula

Major: Marketing and Nonfiction English Writing

Relationship Status: Single and truly enjoying life and wonderful friends!

Hometown: Plymouth, Michigan. It’s about 30 minutes outside of Detroit!

Year: Senior. But I won’t actually graduate until August.


Her Campus: What are some of your extracurricular activities?

Natalie Zazula: I am the President of Pitt Active Minds, which is an organization that works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. We do tons of different awareness events throughout the year and we brought Frank Warren (founder of Post Secret) to Pitt in February, which was amazing for such a small organization. I’m also a member of two honors societies: Sigma Tau Delta and Delta Epsilon Iota.

HC: What is your dream job?

NZ: Community relations for a Major League Baseball team. My family has had partial season tickets for the Detroit Tigers since 1999 so I grew up around baseball. Plus, I’ve volunteered with a nonprofit back home called the Miracle League of Plymouth and it stole my heart. The Miracle League is a national organization that provides physically and mentally handicapped individuals with the chance to play baseball on a special field. It’s amazing! So I want to spend my life helping organizations such as the Miracle League.


HC: What is your guilty pleasure?

NZ: Buzzfeed. Absolutely obsessed. I have the app and I check it every morning and night. I send my roommate/best friend at least one or two articles a day. The articles are just always so spot on! I also hand write cards to a few dozen friends each month. I have a pretty large stationary and stamp collection!

HC: What are your plans for the summer?

NZ: Ah! I will be taking my final 12 credits in London! I cannot wait. I’m taking two English courses and two business courses. I plan to drink loads of tea, see everything related to Harry Potter, and befriend Will & Kate. (Check out her hashtag #NatZazTakesLondon).


HC: What will you miss most about Pitt?

NZ: The Cathedral. I have so many memories in that building; a few bad ones, but mainly great ones. I was evacuated from the 23rd floor 3 times during freshman year due to the bomb threats, which was not enjoyable, but otherwise all of my classes and study dates in the Cathedral have been nothing short of amazing. It obviously also helps that the Cathedral looks like Hogwarts.

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

NZ: Ed Sheeran. He’s a beautiful person. You have to follow him on social media. You’ll fall in love too. And then, however unoriginal, I must go with Emma Watson. She’s marvelous.

HC: Who are your top three favorite artists?

NZ: What if I only have two? Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. All my friends will back that up.


HC: What is your favorite holiday?

NZ: This may sound pretty common, but I have to go with Christmas. It’s just a wonderful time to see family and bake. I love baking! I bake Christmas cookies for friends during finals week. I baked 25 dozen cookies in one day for family friends and my parents’ coworkers. I’ve also thrown a Christmas in July party the past two years. Decorations and cookies included!


Image Credit: Photos provided by the Cutie