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The Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Semester

The biggest lies we tell are to ourselves. Fortunately, we are also human and sometimes set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. I’m regularly guilty of this, anywhere from “I’ll do my laundry before I go out tonight,” to the catch-all: “This semester, things will be different!” Can you really blame us for being optimistic? However, we are fickle and rarely make good on these goals. So, I’ve arranged the most common lies we tell ourselves every semester.

I’m going to finally get in shape! (or any variant on increasing physical activity) Honestly, habits are hard to break and getting out of a workout routine is SO much easier than getting into on, especially if you move off campus.

I’m going to stop drinking! (or whatever vice you regularly crave) It helps if you have a buddy. The FOMO can get serious if you’re having to sober Susie at alone at home every Thursday.

I’m going to stop spending money on food!

I’m going to learn a new language on my own! I have been trying to relearn Spanish for at least four years now. It’s just not going to happen.

I’m going to master a new hobby!

I’m going to dress to impress every single day! I wore clothes that weren’t old, stained or pajamas today. It was the first time in a week.

I’m going to prioritize my skin care routine! Well I showered, which should count for something right?

I’m going to put myself first, no matter what! Well, until your boyfriend needs your car for work, your best friend is flunking a class, your parents are expecting you to come home at least once a month for different check-ups and birthdays, and your professors don’t accept late work.

Hang in there! If you manage even one of these accomplishments, you will be miles ahead of the curve. Don’t give up, and certainly don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot achieve.

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