How to Decorate Your Apartment or Dorm for Halloween

I LOVE HALLOWEEN. AND THANKSGIVING. AND CHRISTMAS. I’ve been pumped for October through December since September 1st, so as soon as the last weekend of September came around, my roommates let me go free at Target. Since I’m a broke college kid, I had to shop on a budget, which is hard if you love Halloween as much as I do. I made it work though! I left Target with decorations that only cost about $15-20! SCORE! Decorating your apartment on a budget is easier than you’d expect.

Spider Webs: $1

You can get spider webs at Target for a dollar and you can basically decorate your entire apartment with one bag of webs. I put them over all the doors, bookcases and windows. Most of the bags come with four fake spiders, but if you want more you can buy them for a dollar or two at Target.

Mini Pumpkins: $4

Target has bags of eight mini pumpkins for about $4 in the grocery section. I bought a bag and I’m painting half of them and keeping the rest of them plain. You can cover some in gold glitter or use school colors!

Tiny Decorative bowls: $4 each

These bowls are perfect to put candy corn or chocolate in on a coffee table. They make the room look more Halloween-y! {Candy corn is $1-2}

Plastic Light Up Pumpkin: $6

Perfect for on top of a bookcase or on a table. It may be a stereotypical Halloween decoration, but it is still a must have!

Even though these aren’t a lot of decorations, they are perfect for a tiny dorm room or an apartment living room. Go crazy decorating this year!


Photo Credit: Provided by the author