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Hobbies to Test While in Quarantine

  1. 1. Playing Piano

    This can be a challenge if you don’t own a keyboard or piano, however there are online sites to make beats like this online sequencer.

  2. 2. Painting

    Relax with some art! No canvas? No problem — try alternatives like cardboard or the walls.

  3. 3. Deep Clean Your House

    Now is a great time to spring clean your entire house considering the current pandemic.

  4. 5. Meditate

    Clear your head everyday with a guided meditation or by simply sitting outside and breathing in fresh air. If you feel spiritual, try converting to any religion other than scientology!

  5. 7. Learn “Settlers of Catan”

    This requires two weeks to learn — perfect for your quarantine!

  6. 8. Knitting

    The most extreme sport out there: knitting. If you’re just learning, get ready to be frustrated for a week! If you already know the basics, try a new pattern and be frustrated for a month!

  7. 9. Write a Letter to Your Grandma

    She will absolutely love the old-fashioned snail mail.  Tell her about classes, friends and that awful insomniac neighbor who blasts yodel rap at 4 a.m. walking around with pennies in their pockets.