How To Enjoy Your Period

HC Pitt's PMS/Cramping Remedies

Periods are the worst. Cramps, bloating, acne and irritability are just a few of the many terrible symptoms that occur alongside your period. As a woman with endometriosis, I can tell you that there’s no cure-all to this lovely event that plagues us monthly. Luckily, the girls at HC Pitt are here to give you some tips to help make your period a little more bearable!

  1. 1. Heat


    Heating pads, microwaveable packs or rice-filled socks all work wonders for cramps. Any form of heat (even just a warm towel) helps relax the muscles of your uterus and can even increase blood flow! This can be an easy and inexpensive way to help cramps. Lots of heating pads/packs come in lavender scents to help relax you even further.

  2. 2. Exercise

    Woman doing yoga

    When you’re quite literally losing blood, exercise may feel like the last thing on your mind. However, exercise is proven to make you feel better mentally and physically during your period. Just a little bit of light exercise can make all of the difference. Walking, yoga and swimming are all great options that can help take your mind off your cramps, and also help them! Light stretching also helps: “There’s a stretch I do that helps with cramps: you stand in front of a wall with your feet apart and arms bent. Put your arms in front of you on the wall, supporting your body weight and then move your pelvis forward. Sounds weird but it works!” - Nicole

  3. 3. Diet

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    The things you’re putting into your body make a huge difference in how you feel during your time of the month. I recommend drinking lots of water and eating healthy - your body will thank you! Not everything has to be super healthy though, as it’s proven that dark chocolate can actually help with cramping! On top of that, drinking tea (especially green and peppermint) can help ease your body, and avoiding caffeine makes a huge difference for me. 

  4. 4. Medication

    Medicating during your period can be somewhat of a controversial subject, but for me, it makes all the difference. Be sure to have ibuprofen and Midol on hand, and take them 24 hours before your period starts to ease cramping for the week. 

Remember these tips next month, and hopefully, they can benefit you! Also remember that while cramping is normal, extreme and unbearable pain and PMS symptoms are not. If you feel that your symptoms are too intense, be sure to contact a professional.