HC Pitt's Female Role Models

Who runs the world (cue Beyonce's vocals)? In honor of Women’s History Month, we compiled HC Pitt's most inspiring female role models. These are women that have shaped the lives of HC Pitt's members while showing them compassion, strength and bravery. 

  1. 1. Mothers

    Mother holding her daughter

    “Definitely my mom. She is the most hard working and selfless woman I have ever known. She is constantly taking care of others’ needs both in her role as an OR nurse (especially during a pandemic and being understaffed) and as a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. It amazes me how she puts everyone first and never once complains. She puts 100% effort into everything she takes on. I hope to one day be half the woman she is.”

    “She is the most uncompromisingly strong and smart woman I’ve ever met - she’s not afraid of anything and is a beautiful person”

    “She is so strong, caring, compassionate and has made so many sacrifices for my family and I! She always puts others before herself, and she has pushed me to always go towards my goals!”

    “My mom is the strongest woman I know. She raised 3 children, while working full time and truly caring for all of my siblings. As I grow older, I appreciate all she has done for me more and more. She’s the first person I call for advice, and the first person I go to to cry.”

  2. 2. Teachers

    “My high school biology teacher/musical director! She is such an amazing and kind person. Being able to lead feminist club, direct a musical, teach some of the most difficult academic material my school offered and still be there for anything her students need is so admirable.”

    “Jen Lee, who was the professor who introduced me to Jamison and also pushed me as a writer and as a human to just dig deep and be honest.”

    “My high school English teacher inspired me more than any other teacher I’ve ever had. She truly cared for each student, and it showed through her teaching style and compassion for her students. She was understanding of each student’s personal struggles and wanted to help them no matter what.”

  3. 3. Leslie Jamison

    person writing outside in notebook

     “I have so much admiration for her writing style and the dedication she puts into her craft. If there were ever an author I wanted to emulate, it’d be Jamison.”


  4. 4. Bevy Smith

    black girl magic photo

    “She is a woman in control of her own life. At 37, she decided to fulfill her dream of working in media with all odds against her. She did this with a belief that she was worthy of being anything she wanted to be.”

  5. 5. Taylor Swift

    “She showed me from a young age that I can be both very powerful and very feminine at the same time.”

    “Taylor Swift is someone that shows every female that she can become whoever she wants. It’s so admirable that she stands up for every woman, not just herself. Plus, her music makes me appreciate women's vocals and songwriting skills in a traditionally male dominated field.”

Here’s to every woman - not just the ones listed above - for inspiring other women everyday, whether you realize it or not.