Great Ideas for Galentine’s Day Plans

Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday, but it allows for the lesser-known Galentine’s day to be celebrated among friends.  Here are some ideas for your night in, or out, with your girlz.

Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and a blanket and watch a movie with your friends.

Face Masks

Wearing face masks is great for your skin and complexion, and they are a healthy alternative to expensive salon facials…although, being too healthy can be bad… so you should drink wine to counteract the healthy choice you just made. Also, because wine is great.


Talking about your stressful week and/or problems or being an active listener to a friend can really strengthen a relationship.  Sometimes taking a moment to honestly talk about your life can help your mental health.

Burn Something (Safely)

Tired of the saturated, overrated Valentine’s date market?  Safely burn stuff like cards, old clothes, pictures or even a new candle from your aunt.

Get Tattoos

Tattoos are great creative expressions that everyone should consider, even if you are afraid of the ~permanent~ mark.

Buy Matching Necklaces or Jewelry

This can be taken as a joke or seriously.  Buying a small piece of jewelry with your best friend calls for a fun experience and good revisit to old memories of those Claire’s BFF necklaces with the half-broken heart, flip-flops, stars or anything else they used.

Ear Piercings

Get them done professionally, of course.  If you want to stick with the classic ear piercing, join your impulsive friend and watch them get an upper lobe or helix piercing.

Grab a Drink

Have a drink at a bar with your friend or coworkers.  It may be full of couples, sad singles or guys trying to pick up the sad singles, but Valentine’s Day should not dictate your choice to attend Happy Hour.


Get back in touch with your creative side.  Buy a large or small canvas beforehand then follow the loose inspiration of your mind’s eye.  Painting can even be done alone or with friends.

Game Night

Some fun games include Scattergories, True American (as seen on New Girl), Kings Cup, Life, Balderdash and Name Five.  Game nights are underrated and should make their way back into our generation’s culture.

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