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Five Challenges for the Last Five Weeks of Classes!

Summer break—and for some of you, graduation—is almost here! Only four weeks remain until finals, and for me, they seem like the longest four weeks of the year. I like to challenge myself to something new each week to help the time pass more quickly and to give me something to think about besides final exams, papers and projects!

Week 1: March 19-March 23

Read one novel or book for fun.

That’s right, you heard me: read something that’s not for a class- something you’ve wanted to read for a while or something that was recommended to you. We spend so much time reading and writing for classes, we sometimes forget the simple joy of a good novel. Reading something fun lets you keep your mind busy while relaxing a little.


Week 2: March 26-March 30

Try a new restaurant or recipe.

Eating the same foods over and over again, while convenient, is not very exciting. There are only so many times you can eat Subway, boxed mac and cheese, or Market. Take some time out of your week, invite your friends, and try a new restaurant. We have a great list of underappreciated restaurants here. If going out to eat is breaking your budget, try a new recipe at home. Get together with some friends to put together a real meal and spend some time together before the semester kicks into high gear again. Your body will thank you for the *real* food.


Week 3: April 2-April 6

Hit 10,000 steps every day!

This one isn’t too hard to do if you’re a Pitt student since we walk literally everywhere. Most cellphones now double as pedometers, so you’ll get to see just how much you’re moving during the day. The brain functions better after light or moderate exercise, so you’ll see a boost in studying power, especially if you take a nice, long walk or hit the gym before settling down to hit the books. If 10,000 steps is too easy, up the number!


Week 4: April 9-April 13

Clean up!

When things get busy, something’s got to give. For me, that’s usually the tidiness of my apartment. Take some time this week to clean things out, do your laundry, and reestablish some order to your space. You’ll thank yourself later.


Week 5: April 16-April 20

Start your study guides and papers and make a study schedule.

I know, you don’t want to think about finals, but it’s definitely time to do so. If you make your study guides and outlines now, finals week won’t seem so terrible. Try to write out a schedule for study times and keep your commitments organized so that you stay on track. This is the home stretch, you can do it!


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