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It’s midnight, you’re lost in a sea of papers on your desk, and your sweet tooth is going crazy. We’ve all been there, right? Sometimes chocolate is a necessity and sometimes making the walk to Market…or even out of your room…is too far. Not to mention, when the most functional appliance you have is a microwave, it can be hard to make something warm and sweet – but not anymore. All of the recipes listed below can be made with a handful of ingredients, all of which can be found at a convenience store. Not to mention, you can get creative and top some of these with ice cream, whipped cream, or even some melted chocolate. Plus, you’ll finally get some extra use out of the collection of mugs that you brought along with you…enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate comfort food. There’s just something about biting into a warm chocolate chip cookie that reminds you that even if you have an immeasurable amount of work to do, you’ll be able to get through it…and reward yourself with one (or two) mug cookies.



This mug brownie is made with two types of chocolate and uncannily resembles a molten lava cake from a fancy restaurant…need I say more?


Banana Bread

Sometimes I go a little overboard with my banana purchases and end up not being able to eat them all before they go bad, so I always look for ways to incorporate over-ripened bananas into a recipe. This banana bread turns out kind of like a muffin, so it’s perfect for a quick bite in the morning before class.


Vegan Chocolate Cake

Just because you have dietary restrictions doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to indulge in the sweet haven that is a mug cake. This vegan friendly recipe is everything a chocolate cake should be, oozing with chocolate and decadence without any milk or eggs.


Healthy Apple Pie

You know how one day you decide you want to get healthy and start working out more and eating right? So you skip the pop tarts in the morning, choose the salad bar at Market Central, and go to the gym between classes. Then later on in the night right before you’re ready for bed you get an intense sweet tooth craving…now what? It stinks to spend the day doing so well and then gorging on a mass amount of sweets. This mock apple pie is just the right amount of sweet that will kill your craving, but it uses ingredients that won’t kill your health kick, so keep this recipe in mind for those kinds of cases!


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