Different Types of Condoms & How They Rock (Your Bed)

You’re about to get steamy on a Saturday night. The lights are dimmed, your legs are shaved and the mood is just right. You want to try something different but haven’t looked up any new positions. But why try a new position when all you might need is a different condom? There are so many choices when selecting a condom. Should it be for her pleasure or his? How snug should it fit him? Ribbed or ultra-thin? Lubricated or non-lubricated? Unless you’re wildly educated like McLovin from Superbad, here is some researched insight on popular condom choices.

Trojan Fire and Ice

While the name sounds intimidating, this condom is not an extension of Icy Hot pain cream. It tingles and oscillates between cool sensations and hot thrills. Great—nay, stupendous—for both parties involved.

Rating: 9/10

Rough Rider Studded

Ribbed condoms are a great choice if you want texture. However, you may not feel the ribbed outlining during your hookup, making this type of condom good for him and alright for her. It still prevents pregnancy though.

Rating: 7/10

Trojan Ultra-Thin

This condom does not feel like anything, which is good and bad. You may have the same experience as you would with a ribbed condom, since most women do not have much distinction between stimulus ~down there~ as men. On the other hand, the guy can feel the ultra-thin distance separating him from you. This type of condom is as close as it gets to no condom.

Rating: 6/10

Trojan Her Ecstasy

Perfectly summated by its name, this condom will make your eyes roll. Even if you’ve never taken MDMA, you will be sent to a different atmosphere….for at least 15 minutes. Overall, good choice if he wants to appear like his first concern is you.

Rating: 7/10

SKYN Non-Lubricated

Lubricated condoms can be gross and leave a gooey mess after. If you do not need lubricant, this condom is a great choice. Since it feels the same for him, the choice is up to you.

Rating: 8/10

Kimono Special

Notice how no magnum or XL sizes made the cut? That’s because those types of condoms are never really needed, but more so wanted by him. All guys would like to think they aren’t shrimp, which is why this condom might come in handy. The fit is sometimes tighter than expected, giving him a nice confidence boost, and making him last longer.

Rating: 7/10

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