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The Debate of the Winky Emoticon

As one of the more primitive forms of texting emoticons, the winky face has lived at the terminal end of many messages. But as we all may know, its meaning and consequence can be so iffy. Some situations require it. However, it can be overused. The winky face can actually bring turmoil to a relationship. A winky can end up as a confusing message to the receiver, for which someone else is trying to seduce. The fact that a winky can mean either a sexual connotation or a friendly gesture of pleasantry makes the winky a ballsy action.

In most cases, the winky emoticon gives off a more suggestive impression. Just a simple click can let the receiver know you are interested. It breaks the barrier between formality and flirtation. From the eyes of an attractive woman I can acquaint with, I can testify to the fact that a booty call from a guy is easily expressed through a winky face. Actions speak louder than words in most cases, but in the case of texting, I could make the statement that a winky face emoji speaks louder than messages.

With this in mind, the winky face must be used judiciously. For example, texts like “Your grandmother is a charming woman ;)” just doesn’t look right with an additional wink. There are many messages where the winky emoticon is just unnecessary. Therefore, I urge all of you texters to only use the winky face when you really are showing sensual attraction towards someone because if not, it can misconstrue the whole relationship into a confusing limbo reality.

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