8 Ways to Revamp Your Desk Space

Learning remotely at your bedroom desk all day every day without much interaction can leave you feeling pretty unmotivated to achieve the goals you set for yourself this semester. One way you can improve your mindset and begin to feel inspired once more is by changing your workspace. Color, lighting and overall atmosphere can affect your productivity. Check out these simple ways to make your desk your new favorite WFH space.


  1. 1. Clean your desk.

    flower and clock

    Before getting to decorating, you need to have a clean desk for a fresh start. Dust the area and follow with disinfectant wipes. Clear out any clutter like loose papers and old sticky notes.

  2. 2. Relocate your desk.

    Netflix is displayed on a desktop computer on a table in an aesthetic office.

    Put your desk in a different spot for a new view. Bonus points for moving it near a window to get natural lighting and a view.

  3. 3. Change the desk style without buying a new one.

    pink rose on a marble desk next to a pink notebook and iphone

    You can cover your desk with patterned contact papers to transform it completely! Amazon has styles ranging from marble to wood. I personally used a light-colored wood contact paper to cover a white desk that I thrifted and it turned out great!

  4. 4. Upgrade your lighting.

    Lighting can greatly influence your productivity. I recommend taking advantage of natural light during the day - open your blinds and curtains! If you don't have access to as much natural light as you'd like, buy a lamp that mimics natural light. For nighttime, I suggest having warm white lighting to keep you awake without straining your eyes.

  5. 5. Use colors that make you feel happy and motivated.

    pink mug on stacked books

    Decorate your desk space with colors that improve your mood. Some items you can buy in your favorite colors are mouse pads, chargers, desk organizers and calendars.

  6. 6. Bring in seasonal items.

    Adding seasonal plants and candles are a great way to breathe life into your workspace. It can be as simple as reusing a glass jar and filling it with greens or flowers from your local grocery store. Use small candles so you can frequently switch up your scents as you burn through them.

  7. 7. Hang new photos and art work.

    Photos on wall

    Print out some favorite photos you took last semester and hang them up. Mix in some inspirational artwork and scenic images too!

  8. 8. Make your seating comfortable.

    No need to purchase a new chair. Throw a faux fur cover over your chair. Or, place a folded blanket on the chair bottom and a small pillow against the back for extra comfort and support.