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The finish line for the spring semester is soon approaching. Even though this semester might be coming to a close, now is the time to start looking towards the next semester of the fall 2022-2023 semester. Here at Pitt, the course catalog is already available for classes offered next semester, and the enrollment period is here, essentially it’s happening next week. If you are finding yourself with no idea for classes next year or have room in your schedule needed to be filled, don’t worry HC Pitt has got you covered. Here are some of our recommendations for classes to add to your schedule!

Ger 1502: indo-European Folktales

“I recommend Indo-European Folktales (GER 1502) because it’s super entertaining, and doesn’t feel like a chore to do the readings like other classes.” – Julia C.

GSWs 0200: Sex, race, and popular culture

“I also recommend Sex, Race, and Popular Culture (GSWS 0200) because it is really interesting, and you get to learn a lot from the other people in your class!” – Julia C.

ENGLIT 0636: The gothic imagination

“The Gothic Imagination was a really fun and interesting course I took in freshman year. I learned a lot about the history of English literature and conventions in horror stories, and the assigned reading was awesome!” – Nicole A.


“Intro to Audio Storytelling is all about listening to and creating podcasts!” – Madelyn D.

SLAV 0880: Vampires: Blood and empire

“Vampires: Blood and Empire is a super unique gen-ed where you study the history of vampire literature/media. I love the assigned readings and movies, and now know so much about vampires haha!” – Madelyn D.

THEa 0830: Intro to performance

“Intro to Performance is so fun!” – Claire U.

Happy scheduling!

Serena is a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh who is majoring in English Writing with minors in Creative Writing and Legal Studies. When she's not writing short stories for class, Serena loves to write for HC Pitt, listen to music, and watch Jersey Shore!