5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself this Winter

Bundle Up!

Unfortunately, the temperatures keep dropping, which means we have to dress for the weather we have, not the weather we want. Pittsburgh can get pretty frigid from November to March, so make sure you bundle up with your coat, hat, scarf, gloves and whatever else you need to keep warm.

Stay Hydrated

Keep your immune system up this winter by staying hydrated! Make sure you’re drinking enough water daily that your body isn’t getting dehydrated, because dehydration limits the body’s ability to remove toxins and fight infections. Staying hydrated is especially important when you’re sick, so get some tea and chicken soup if you need it!

Take a Daily Vitamin

I feel stupid saying it, but I never really believed in vitamins (cue Miguel from Disney’s Coco, who said the same thing). This summer, after visiting my pro-vitamin grandmother, I did some research and found that they really can help…if you’re taking the right stuff. For us Pittsburghers, a daily multivitamin with Vitamins C and D is great in the winter: Vitamin C helps our immune systems and Vitamin D is good in those months when we aren’t getting too much sun.

Get Enough Sleep

Being a college student and getting enough sleep do not mesh well. Even with a busy schedule, try to get enough rest (the average recommendation is about eight hours) to keep your immune system up. If you’re able, take a short nap to boost your energy when you feel yourself losing motivation. And if you feel really run-down, don’t be afraid to take an occasional day off. You’re no use in class if you’re falling asleep and not focusing.


Even amidst the stress of school, make sure you take some time for yourself. Invest in small things that will make you feel more relaxed, like a nice candle, fuzzy socks or cozy blanket. When I’m stressed, I use a portable back massager (the best birthday gift I’ve ever received) to help myself wind down. Find what works for you and use it!

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