5 Dorm-Friendly DIY Facials

In need of a facial but don’t have a face mask? Maybe you’re living the dorm life and don’t have the motivation to take the bus all for a single face mask. Before heading over to a pharmacy and grabbing the first thing that “looks good enough,” try these easy, all natural, dorm-friendly facials.

1. Cucumber slices to soothe

You may have seen cucumber slices put over the eyes while another face mask is put on the rest of the face, but cucumber slices themselves can act as a soothing, cooling and morning puffiness-reducing facial.

2. Green tea to reduce puffiness and redness (Bonus - exfoliant)

If you’re a green tea fanatic like me, you probably go through a couple tea bags a day. Don’t throw the tea bags away though! After having been used to make tea (with just water), place the tea bags on a small plate and put them in your fridge. The next morning, you can place the tea bags over your eyes in place of the “cold spoons method” for puffy eyes! Bonus: After using the tea bags for de-puffing, they can easily be made into a scrub by emptying the tea into a small bowl and mixing with just enough honey to make it into a paste!

3. Manuka honey mask for acne and irritated skin

You may have heard of Manuka honey as it has been raved about quite a bit lately. Manuka honey is said to have antibacterial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for acne-prone skin. Many cosmetic brands have come out with Manuka honey products, but plain Manuka honey does the job. It might be a bit harder to find in stores, but if you already have it, you can use it for simple facial. Scoop a bit out into a dish and then apply it to your face (brush optional)! Rinse off thoroughly afterwards.

4. Egg whites for firming up skin

Maybe you’ve been sleeping face down, pushing your cheeks up on one side while sitting in class, or you just want something to tighten your skin and pores. The egg white facial may help. Take one egg and separate the white from the yolk. Beat the egg white with a fork just until it loosens up to a liquid consistency. An optional step is adding a few drops of lemon juice. Once you have your liquid consistency, apply the egg white to your face with a brush in light layers. Once it’s dry, rinse off with lukewarm water.

5. Banana mask for dry skin

Whether your skin is dried out from the weather or naturally dry, and you have one last, very ripe banana that you don’t feel like eating, this is the perfect mask for you! Just mash that ripe banana in a bowl and add a spoonful of Manuka honey (optional). Then apply to your skin with a brush! Rinse off thoroughly afterwards.

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