10 Not-So-Average Favorite Songs from the ‘90s

Popular music in America in the 1990’s consisted mainly of grunge rock and old-school hip hop. On the other hand, popular music in Europe at the same time was largely based on “Eurodance” (a genre of electronic dance music featuring powerful, melodious vocals- generally the chorus, rapped verses, synthesizers, and heavy bass rhythms), and other forms of pop.

As a person who grew up in Europe during the ‘90s, I realized my favorite songs from my childhood were almost completely different from all my friends’ childhood favorites (not counting Spice Girls, because come on, who didn’t love the Spice Girls as a kid?). These were the songs I blasted through my cassette tape-playing Walkman as a child:

1.      “Doctor Jones” by Aqua (1997)
Aqua, most known for their ever-so-catchy song “Barbie Girl”, was probably my second favorite musical group as a child (after the Spice Girls). It wasn’t until later in life that I realized the song and the music video are based off of the Indiana Jones movies.

2.      “Connected” by Stereo MC’s (1992)
“Connected” actually did pretty well on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1992—it reached #20. 

3.      “S.O.S. (The Tiger Took MY Family)” by Dr. Bombay (1998)
I specifically remember watching this music video as a child. If you get past the borderline racist lyrics, the song is super catchy!

4.      “Mr. Vain” by Culture Beat (1993)
I recently watched a documentary about European music during the ‘90s and this song was featured. “Mr. Vain” was one of the original German “Eurodance” songs.

5.      “Trust Me” by Pandora (1993)
“Trust Me” was another original “Eurodance” song, but by a Swedish artist. It’s also probably one of the best examples of the different aspects of the new genre.

6.      “Girlfriend” by Billie (1998)
For all you Doctor Who fans out there, “Girlfriend” is sung by Billie Piper, or Rose Tyler, as she is known as in the show. The song reached #1 on the UK music charts in 1998.

7.      “Doodah!” by The Cartoons (1998)
“Doodah!” is a cover of the American folk song “Camptown Races” and reached #7 on the UK music charts in 1998.

8.      “You Got (What I Want)” by Graaf (1998)
Graaf consisted of two Swedish glamour model-sisters. Whether the song’s popularity came from their modeling careers or the catchiness, we’ll never know.

9.      “Take Everything” by Zoom (1998)
“Take Everything” was the first single by Danish “Eurodance” group, Zoom. Unfortunately, this song has fallen into the deep abyss because there is nothing online about it.

10.      “Millennium” by Robbie Williams (1998)
“Millennium” was the first single of Robbie Williams’ to reach #1 on the UK Singles Chart in 1998. The song also reached #77 on the US Billboard Hot 100 list in 1999. The music video (and the main theme of the song) parodies James Bond, specifically You Only Live Twice

Though cassette tapes have become vintage and my Walkman doesn’t work anymore, these songs continue to make me smile, sing along, and dance. I guess that’s the great thing about music; genres and styles continuously go in and out of popularity, but specific songs will always hold memories of moments or feelings of the past.


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