Why You Should Audit Classes

Time. Time is something we all wish we had more of, knew how to organize better, and think about a little too often for our own liking. Time becomes even more of a stressful factor in terms of school, classes, homework, etc. After deciding a major, we are given a list of classes that we are required to take to graduate with the degree we want and in the time frame we desire. Whether we like it or not, this requirement of classes can bring us to our goal but also limit us from taking classes that we are simply just interested in. Not for major-sake or for a GPA booster, but for the very essence of wanting to learn about a particular subject because it will make us happy. Choosing to do something that gives you joy like a class that makes learning exciting in your mind rather than a task, is something that we all secretly long for while going to college. Shouldn’t this be different than high school? Didn’t we all come into college thinking that we would be finally taking the classes we want and learning about things we actually care about, only to be sorely disappointed that our schedule is loaded with general education courses that we dread attending and major classes that drive us to the edge of mental breakdowns. Why does it seem almost impossible to be in control of your learning experience even as an adult? 

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Fortunately, many schools have the option of auditing a class. A way for students to experience a class without having to worry about getting a grade and an even better way to feel free to take the classes you want. Without the stress of getting a grade, this class can be a learning opportunity that you can control and actually enjoy. Education is a privilege. Going to college is even more so. We must take advantage of this time in our life when we have the time and opportunity to take a film studies class, learn how to draw, play the guitar, and more. Auditing a class can give us a sense of control on our education, giving us a chance to take the classes we want to take without the pressure of grades looming over our heads. Auditing a class can lead you to really appreciate learning and college like never before. 


This is just another way to take life into our own hands by creating the education we want for ourselves. Our time is precious and there’s only so much time left to learn from college professors who are passionate about the subject they’re teaching and willing to share all that they know. The love of learning is a skill that is useful throughout one’s whole life, putting more color into your world and appreciation within your mind. Maybe consider auditing a class each semester, expanding your mind and learning about something that interests you while still only having to balance the demands of your other required classes. It’s something you can replace a daily Netflix show or a 2-hour scroll on your Instagram with, that will benefit you so much more than the alternatives. Taking advantage of your education is a way to show appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities that life gives you, and reaping the benefits from it.