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What it Means to be a #GirlBoss and Three Important Lessons from Sophia Amoruso


I recently had the opportunity to go to Sophia Amoruso’s book signing and discussion for her new book, Nasty Galaxy. This was an amazing experience because days leading up to the event had me thinking about what being a GirlBoss means. Maybe self-empowerment? Success? Creativity? Following your ambitions? Dreaming? It felt like the possibilities were endless.

This question was on everyone’s mind, and it was one of the first questions asked. Her response: Being a GirlBoss is being in charge of your life. Her new book, Nasty Galaxy, also gives you words of wisdom as to how to ensure to act this out.


#1 “She played the system, and she played it hard.”

Make sure that you play the system presented in your life. To be in charge of your life is one of the most important things that any person, woman or man, can do to be successful in their personal growth. Never let the system play you.

#2 A life without purpose is a life that cannot be successful.

At some point, you must take what you have and decide what to do with it. You may stumble upon the right thing through doing what you thought was right. Regardless, you must find your purpose as you go through life because that is the only way that you can create success.

#3 Mentorship is important

Mentorship is a must for success at being a GirlBoss. But how do you come about it? You can’t wish it or force it, which is a common misconception that many people, especially women, have. This is all too understandable, as there are far less successful women in the workforce than men, and once we find those amazing women, we want to learn from them.  But take a moment and realize that mentorship may not be a weekly lunch to discuss goals and ambitions, but that it comes organically and in many forms. Mentorship can be in the shape of advice, positive reinforcement, support, constructive criticism, and/or something as simple as encouragement. A mentor will come and guide you in extraordinary ways. Just be yourself and be patient.

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” -Robert J. Burdette


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