Snacks to Buy to Get Through Finals

Taking care of ourselves during final exams becomes infinitely harder than it is at all other times in the semester. We either don't have time to eat at all or opt for the quickest thing we can get our hands on, which often means something unhealthy. Neither option is good, nor will these choices give us the most amount of good energy to get through the week. However, there are many great options for healthy and quick power snacks that can give us a little more energy in between meals and get us through the day. Stock up on these the Sunday before final exams and you won't have to worry about not having them during the week!

1. Apples: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away;" this saying has been around for so many generations for a reason! Apples are an amazing fruit! They do not have too much sugar and they actually help in keeping you awake, too! So next time you're thinking of grabbing that third or fourth cup of coffee, try an apple instead!

2. Seaweed Snacks: You can find these packets of roasted seaweed or nori at any grocery store in the area; they come in a variety of flavors and are very healthy. These snacks contain a fair amount of calcium, vitamins A and C, and many minerals which are essential to our health (including potassium and iron).

3. Almonds: A handful of almonds are good for those times when you need to snack and study at the same time since they are not messy and do not require much attention. A serving also contains about 6 grams of protein, so you are likely to feel that extra boost of energy after enjoying this snack.

4. Carrots and Hummus: Baby carrots are sold in individual serving packets in most grocery stores now, and these are a great option! They are easy to carry, easy to eat, and healthy, too. Take a bit of hummus with you to make the snack more fun and filling!

5. Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter: It's no secret that celery sticks are extremely beneficial for our health; they contain many vitamins and nutrients and also have calming properties due to the high levels of minerals and essential oils in them. A food that will help me be less stressed while studying? Yes, please! Add some peanut butter to the mix for the protein and you will have a great-tasting power snack! 

Best of luck on finals from the HC Pepperdine team! <3