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Four Reasons the Middle of October is Crazy

1. Midterms: Two projects, three tests, and an essay, all due on the same day. All-nighters are your life now. You’re starting to resemble a raccoon, both in your sleeping patterns and in the dark circles under your eyes. You look like Pam from The Office on the day she came in so tired that Erin thought she was Meredith. You tell yourself you’re going for the I-don’t-care look. Your friends are too tired from their midterms to worry about it.

2. Literally Every Event: Philanthropies are starting, new members are here, every organization has finally gotten around to their first meeting and started fundraising and writing articles and catching up on everything they’ve been procrastinating on. 

3. Mid-Semester FOMO: The semester’s halfway over. That means there’s only two more months of the semester, five more months of the year, and college is going by way too quickly. Suddenly you feel like you have to be saying yes to every late night donut run and early morning hike (and you don’t even like hikes).

4. Waves Weekend: For some reason, in the smack dab of all of this, Pepperdine decided to schedule Waves Weekend. Oh, you have three papers due, two tests tomorrow, and ten events this weekend already? Surprise! We invited your parents to come stay with us. And we scheduled a ton of fun stuff for you to do. You can always skip it if you have a ton of homework, but we know that FOMO is too real. Good luck. 

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