Everything Wrong with Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano

The Gilmore Girls is a beloved show, adored by many throughout the world. And while the main center of things revolves around Lorelai and Rory’s relationship there are many supporting principle plots that seem to take center stage a lot of times. One being, Rory and Jess Mariano’s relationship. Now while people swoon over their good girl and bad boy romance to which I admit I wasn’t really a fan of. And I know this might put me in the minority but there are multiple times and incidences in their relationship which really gets under my skin. And thus, here are some very realistic red flags in their relationship which make their perfect romance not so perfect. 

1. How their journey began.

First of all, it didn’t even begin right! Rory started developing feelings for Jess all the while dating Dean, and boy I tell you that did not sit well with me. Dean (initially then) was literally the perfect boyfriend, loved by everyone, super understanding and supportive of Rory, so he definitely did not deserve that betrayal. Plus, Jess knowing all along that Rory was in a committed relationship constantly coerced her and played with her feelings. 


2. There was a lot of bad blood and baggage in the relationship. 

Let’s face it, no matter how charming Jess seemed to the millions of viewers, he had a very difficult personality and had little to zero respect for anyone. He constantly got into fights with Dean (now Rory’s ex) rubbing salt on his wounds on how he stole Rory from him; and also got into a lot of trouble with the townspeople. Although I mean, Taylor Doose wasn’t the most likable person but that’s another story. Oh, and did I forget to add that Jess was extremely cocky? 


3. Jess was controlling of Rory 

There were many instances where Jess prevented Rory from doing or enjoying things just because he “didn’t feel” like it. Like the time when Lane’s band had a gig at a party and he was acting very difficult pressurizing Rory of wanting to leave, and oh ending up in a fight with Dean, again! He never showed up for their plans or even just to hang out, but got annoyed when Rory (tired of waiting for him) went ahead with her own plans like to the hockey game. I don’t even wanna start on how he got mad at her for not wanting to have sex, but I am not gonna let her off the hook that easily as well for doing it with Dean while he was married. 


4. They had very bad communication. 

Last but not the least, for all of Jess’s witty, sarcastic verbosity, and Rory’s extensive vocabulary one thing they both failed at was how bad their sense of communication was. Nothing was ever clear. Most of the time it was both their emotions controlling them and influencing their decisions which were never the best idea. The worst outcome of this was how abruptly and vaguely their relationship ended. He just left, without a word. 


There was and definitely still is a lot they need to work out between themselves and individually, but I must say for all the times I was mad at those two, they did bring an interesting flavor to the show and definitely something to talk about later on.